J Country || Wake Up Call || Physical CD


1.Intro 03:04
2.I Need You 03:49
3.Save Me 03:55
4.Finally Over 04:01
5.Delays On My Soul 03:29
6.In a Storm 02:58
7.His Grace 04:12
8.Handing it to You 03:47
9.Do You Know 03:59
10.Bounce Back 03:56
11.Pave My Way 03:44
12.Wanna Be Found 03:10



Joseph Padgett aka J Country is a Christian Rap artist with a testimony of how God can fix the brokenness in anyone’s life. His new album Wake Up Call deals with some of the harsh realities that Christians face on a daily basis. Oftentimes we are told that if we give our lives to Jesus then everything will be ok and that’s just simply not the case. Our problems do not instantly go away but, now in Christ we have strength to face our own inner demons and stare into the face of our opposition and with confidence say that “Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world”. It is ok to struggle. Its one of the biggest parts of our lives that makes us who we are. J Country details pain and insecurities with this release and is very candid with his own struggles in hope that his transparency will lead others to find the glorious light that he has found in Jesus Christ.

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